Leg Makeup

Face make up is something that everybody gives priority to. However, ignoring other body parts can sometimes make you look weird. Imagine having a great face makeup with ugly legs, or great face with a bad hairdo. You would be noticed for wrong reasons no matter how hard you tried to get the whole look right. One body part that most of the women forget while getting dressed up are legs. If you are wearing a short dress, then it is a necessity to make them look good. If you are flaunting your legs, make sure you flaunt them right. So here are some tips to do the leg makeup in case you do not know how to do it properly.

Leg make up tips

Since leg makeup is done to hide imperfections on the legs, you must know where those imperfections lie. Imperfections could be spider veins, scars or varicose veins. There is a huge range of leg makeup available in the market but people generally prefer spray on since it is easy to apply and it gives smashing results. In case you have no idea about the application of leg makeup spray, then here are some details.

Buy a branded spray on. Shake the bottle well whenever you wish to use it so that it is mixed thoroughly. Then remove the bottle’s cap and spray a small amount of it on the hands. Be careful and do not spray too hard otherwise you would get extra make up than you require on the legs. So, have moderate amount of makeup in hand and start running it evenly over the legs. Blend the make up until all the marks and veins get hidden. All that you must be left with is glowing legs and no marks. Rub the make up into both legs and make sure that it is applied evenly throughout.

Tips to choose leg make up

Choose the makeup that goes perfectly with your skin tone for a natural look. In case you choose to go for sun- kissed look, go for bronze- toned makeup for the legs. Do not spray when you are on the carpet as the stain may not go. So this is how you can get great leg makeup. Apply a small amount of it whenever you plan to go for short dress. This will make the legs look more appealing and sexy.


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