How to do Leonardo Dicaprio Hairstyles

Leonardo Dicaprio is an ultimate heartthrob actor who is recognized with his different hairstyles. One of his popular hairstyles is the short-layered although he is always seen with medium haircut for thick straight hair of the 50s period. This medium haircut has one layered end and is shorter on one side. Such haircut had been perfectly identified and designed for Leonardo Dicaprio. This haircut is also best on guys with medium thick hair, and oblong or oval face shape.

Popular Hairstyles/Haircuts of Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio Hairstyle Picture

During the younger years of Leonardo Dicaprio, he used to wear longer hair on top with side-swept long hairstyles and pulled-off long shaggy bangs. The long angled layers cut of his hairstyle perfectly complement his cute and lovely facial features. Leonardo Dicaprio is often seen as well with experiments of very short layered cut with dark blonde highlights and jagged texture.

Leonardo Dicaprio hairstyles can also be straight and sleek. It can be sophisticated and conservative as well. One trademark of these hairstyles is its proper, well-groomed, and neat appearance. Its styles of cropped haircuts and spikes are pretty cool to wear. Leonardo Dicaprio hairstyles showcase classic and unique crispiness features that truly work on his face whatever age he is.


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