3 Long Hair Care Myths You Should Stop Believing

Growing long hair has plenty of myths. Some believe on these myths and some people do not. Some myths may be true to some people but some may not. Hair myths for long black hair may be different to hair myths of white long locks. The main reason for this is due to genetics factors. As we go along this article, we will learn more about the different long hair myths that can be use as guide in growing hair.

Popular Long Hair Care Myths

Long hair can be healthy and dry, and needs extraordinary treatment than short and medium length hairs. It should also be given with proper hair care and treatment. In this way, long hair will grow fast and healthy. Problems on long hair may occur due to hair products being used especially if the product is harsh and chemically dangerous. If the long hair is used with wrong products or chemical, it tends to grow slower.

One of the famous myths for long hair is that by cutting hair, its length grows faster. Contradicting this myth is another myth saying that long hair gets hurt when cut into shorter length, thus growth of the hair tends to become slower. In general, fact, cutting the hair makes it looks healthier because brittle and split ends are removed. It also improves the entire overall appearance of the hair.

Another myth for long hair is for black hair in which hair is stronger than other types of hair. This myth is relatively true because the internal structure of black hair is more receptive to breakage compared to other types of hair. To minimize breakage and rebuild the structure of relaxed hair, protein and moisture treatments are used. Brushing hair can make it grow faster but excessive brushing may lead to actual breakage most likely if the hair is relaxed. Dried hair scalp should be greased to achieve good moisture. This also makes the hair moisturized.


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