Loose Perm is Trendy

If there are hair styles that have climbed so many mountains ever since the 80s, then those hair styles are the loose perm hair styles. Back then perms used to rock the trends. Well, these were hair styles that were highly versatile and as you know ladies with straight hair will fall for hair styles that are easy to adjust as well as manage, and loose perm hair styles just presented that. In 2012 loose perm hair styles can be incorporated with a number of hair styling tips to achieve a desired look. Loose perms can be employed to add the desired body to fine and limp hair.


Just like any other hair styles, loose perm hair styles do suit a specific group of hair type. To begin with you need to that these hair styles go well with almost all face shapes as far as they are adjusted in the right manner. However, loose perms work best with hair types that are straight and trendy. The hair type needs to be in its natural look, this means that there should be no issues such highlighting and lowlighting. Loose perms will tend to give the best results on hair types that are correctly textured and they are of the right volume.

The major reason as to why you are told that loose perms will be efficient on hair that is not highlighted or lowlighted is that hair that has been highlighted or lowlighted might have suffered some damages through the process which will potentially cause your loose perm hair style to frizz. As we mentioned earlier loose perm are characteristically long straight hair styling accessory. They cannot look cute on dry thick short hair, short hair are historically not suited for loose perms. However, if you are very confident that your short hair can match with loose perm, then the best thing to do is to consult your hair stylist.

Once you have you have known that your hair is suited for loose perm, you will have to visit your hair stylist so as you can have it done. The procedure may look a bit complex, but it is simple. The first step will involve wrapping your hair into rollers in sections. The second step will consist of the application of the perm solution. The third and probably the last step depending on your hair stylist will to undo the rollers and carry out the finishing touches. The whole process is expected to create the appropriate waves and curls as well as change the text
ure of the hair.

Of all the hair styles, loose perm hair styles require a great deal of maintenance. There are high chances that you perms may grow out at undesirable state. Therefore, this will need to be redone each and every two weeks or so. Make sure you do not make the mistake of doing your hair with loose perm if it had previously undergone highlighting or lowlighting. Some of the best loose perm hair styles are: Vanessa Romero long curls, Evangeline lily long curls and so on.


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