Makeup Color Chart

If you want to look outstanding with your make up and do not want to do make up related mistakes then you must take help from a make up color chart. A makeup color chart can easily make you hide all the skin faults that your face possesses and you can highlight your features. The chart is a round wheel one in which different color families is placed directly across each other. They are placed opposite each other as they compliment each other and they are also known as complimentary colors. The chart is designed in such a way that this contrast can actually work for everyone. No matter what your skin tone is and what color eyes do you have, the shade combination provided in the makeup color chart is for everyone.

makeup color chart

How to use the chart:

• As mentioned above that the colors placed opposite to each other are complimentary colors. This means that if you have green color eyes the he must look out for what color pattern is placed opposite green family. In color chart pinkish and purple tones and shades of red are opposite green. So, if you use any of these shades; your eyes will look really pretty and you will surely stand out in the crowd.

• Similarly, for women with blue eye color, shades of golden, yellow, orange tones, copper and bronze will enhance their beauty.

You do not have to think much while applying the complimentary shade on your eye lids as the make up chart is designed by high profile make up professionals whose work cannot be judged upon.

Choosing colors with Lipstick and your skin tone from the makeup color chart:

• In the makeup chart colors like yellow, golden, peach, orange etc are placed in one half and are considered as warm. The second half of the wheel chat consists of shaded of purple, pink, red, blue, and greens etc, which are considered as cool. While selecting the color for your skin tone, you should see whether you are pink skin toned or yellow toned. Pink skin tone will look best in cool shades and warm shades will compliment warm skin tones.

• Choosing the lipstick shade can be a tough job, as you do not have many choices especially in daily routine. But you can try to pick up the contrasting colors like a red lipstick with blue eyes.


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