How to Makeup Tips for Redheads

People with redheads are usually prone to freckles and sensitive skin. With regular skin care and use of proper skin products, they can go a long way in making themselves look pleasing and natural. Redheads must know how to play up their features and. They must know how to use the right makeup and stand out.

Makeup Tips for Redheads

Redheads should wear appropriate makeup colors whereas blues and pinks are to be avoided. Neutral shades for lipsticks and eye shadows are more appropriate for redheads. Among these shades include champagne, plums, and light browns colors. These shades will give a vibrant look to redheads. Redheads who have fair skin should avoid deep blushes as this will give them an artificial and overdone look.

Applying Makeup Tips for Redheads

A neutral foundation that is close to skin tone is best for redheads. The coral base and gold shades are samples of the neutral foundation. Soft corals, blush colors, and warm shades may also work for redheads. A neutral eyeshadow will best match the neutral foundation for redheads. It will make their fair skin look radiant. The colors of chestnut, beige, terracotta, and honey are best samples of neutral eyes shadows. If you opt using darker shades for your eye shadow, balance it with a lighter color on the outer rims.

The colors of mascara and eyeliner should be the same preferably dark brown or red brown. To enhance the skimpy lashes of the redheads, brown mascara will do great. However, if the eyebrow is very light, use a pencil instead. The lipstick colors such as brown, beige peach and cinnamon tones and terracotta colors can also the red heads.


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