How to do Monsoon Makeup

Monsoon makeup or light sheer makeup is best for rainy season since it make use of waterproof foundations, waterproof eyeliners, transfer-resistant lipstick, and waterproof mascara. These kinds of make ups are not easily soiled and washed off from the face even under the rain.

Monsoon Makeup

Applying Monsoon Makeup

In applying monsoon makeup, foundation is often avoided since it is messy especially if caught in the rain. Instead, use face powder as replacement. However, you can always go for foundations that are water-resistant and can survive the rain. The monsoon makeup application does not require eyebrow pencil since it easily wears off. Thus, always keep eyebrows in shape by waxing, trimming, plucking, or threading.

Monsoon Makeup Options

Cream color blushers and light brush often blend well with skin color. The blushers can easily be dabbed with tissue in any event that the face gets wet. It is also water-friendly. The best shades to use for monsoon makeup would be peaches and browns. Glossy and creamy lipsticks are not perfect match for monsoon makeup; instead it is best to use lipsticks that are transfer-resistant and long lasting. The best shades to use would be peaches, browns, or pinks. However, if you will stroll down at night bolder colors like red would be best. Lip gloss is also not recommended for monsoon makeup application.

Waterproof mascara and eyeliners are optional for a monsoon makeup application. Some women do not bother wearing such makeup materials during rainy season. Another optional makeup material is the eye shadow. Some eye shadow shades are best to wear during rainy season. Among these shades include the neutral or lighter ones that perfectly blend with one’s natural skin tone.


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