Morning Beach Wedding Makeup

Wedding is one of the most, or probably the most important day of a woman’s life. On this special day, one desires to look good. If you have planned for a beachside location or a beach wedding, then while choosing makeup consider the location and season. The time of wedding must also be taken into account. These factors help you to choose the makup color and styles.


Makeup for Summer Wedding

In case you are planning a summer wedding, then you must choose light base. In case you have a glowing complexion, then avoid foundation. Also, it is suggested to get pre bridal package so that you do not need to apply much makeup. a sheer liquid complexion would be good as it provides further glow. Do not go for the matte look in summer morning beach wedding makeup. Choose foundation that goes with your skin tone and apply loose powder on it.

For the rest of the makeup, choose very light shades like lavender, pink, peach and sky blue. Underline the lips with lip pencil. For lipstick, choose light shade and apply it with lipstick brush. End the process with a shiny gloss with no shimmer. Then for the eyes, do not apply the eyeliner of black color. Try shades og silver, gold and green. Make sure that you apply pink shades of eye shadow. also, apply cream based blush on. Make sure that everything that you apply is waterproof, considering that the location you have chosen is beachside.


Match Makeup with Dress

It is important to match the color of makeup with that of dress. If you have a flowing long gown, then the eyes should be more defined wih mascara and lips should be highlighted by applying red lipstick.

Now for proper method of makeup, here are tips. Clean the face with face wash and moisturize neck along with face well. Then, you must apply concealer all over face and neck. Then apply foundation over it but a very light coat. then end the process with loose powder so that the base makeup could set for a long time. Then apply cream based blush on of peach or pink color on the apples of cheeks. Blend it well with fingers. For lipstick, choose same shade of pink on lips. Keep the eye shadow minimal as the makeup may look over. finally end the eye makeup with mascara application and eye liner. So this is how you would do morning beach wedding makeup.


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