How To Get Rid Of Infection In Nail Cuticle

Nail cuticle infection which is also known as paronychia is a condition which may be chronic. It must be treated so that it does not turn into a serious medical condition, even if it is in a minor stage.

Symptoms of Nail Cuticle Infection

Cuticle infections are generally serious and have telltale symptoms. It is always suggested to go for professional medical help before the infection aggravates. If it goes untreated, then it may invade the blood steam which in turn could poison the whole body which we all know could be highly risky. Symptoms of acute paronychia are yellow or oozing pus, fever, painful red edges around nail bed, pain in the underarm glands and symptoms of chronic paronychia are yellow white or green pus around cuticle, loosening of nail from the bed, swollen edges around nail bed and red nail beds.

Treating Nail Cuticle Infection

Nail Cuticle Infection

Regardless of the severity of condition, you need to get it treated. The treatment method depends on whether you have chronic infection or the acute one. Acute one requires the victim taking antibiotic to kill the bacteria causing the problems and in chronic one, medical treatments are needed. If you wish to treat it at home then soap the foot in hot water two- three times a day and apply anti- fungal creams over infected area. So this was all about nail cuticle infection. In case you have severe problem, visit the doctor and he would guide you better about it.


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