How to Make Nail Polish

Applying nail polish is a very easy task but many women do not know how to do it because of which they spend their hard earned money in nail salons to get their nail painted. If you do not want to be one of those then here is what you need to do to apply nail polish at home. The method is moderately easy.

Things you’ll need for Nail Polish:

Nail Polish
  • Cotton balls,
  • nail polish remover,
  • clear base and top coat,
  • colored nail polish andorange stick.

Applying Nail Polish

  • Wipe out the nail polish that you are wearing with the help of cotton ball soaked in nail polish. This would help you to apply the nail paint evenly all over the nails.
  • Now take clear base coat and apply it over the nails so that the colored nail polish could be applied evenly.
  • Now, take the bottle of colored nail polish and make sure that before its application, you mix it thoroughly.
  • Now take out the paint and swipe the stripes of polish down from the middle of nail and then follow the sides.
  • If the polish rolls off to the skin then remove it with cotton. It is suggested to apply the nail polish from smallest finger to the thumb.
  • Now repeat this step to apply the second coat of the same nail paint but allow the first coat to dry before it. Now allow the second coat to dry and then finally apply protective top coat all over the nails.
  • So this is how you can apply nail polish over the nails.


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