How to Treat Nail Rings

Nail rings is a very common problem which can be informed by doctor or even nail technician over the manicure/ pedicure appointment. It is cause by ringworm of the nail which is basically nail fungus.


Symptoms and Causes of Nail Rings

If you have nail rings then you would notice cloudy nails, thick nail bed, rough and crumbly nails, circle- like rings formed on the nail bed and nails which are separated from the nail bed. As for the causes of nail rings, there are many. You can get it because of increasing age, HIV infection, poor health, public bathing, warm and humid climate and inadequate footwear.

How to Treat Nail Rings

Firstly, to treat the fungus which lied underneath the nail bed, you must visit a dermatologist to know how critical the situation is and then he/ she would prescribe you treatment required. It is possible that you would have to go through systemic and topical treatments, both. Anti- fungal creams could be applied daily if the condition is minor.

Prevention of Nail Rings

You must keep the foot dry so that the fungus does not grow because the main reason for fungal growth is moisture. Avoid wearing socks and footwear that makes the feet damp, avoid walking barefoot and sharing towels, trim the nails properly and keep the toenails clipped to the nail bed as close as possible and also, wash the feet with anti- bacterial soap. So this was all about nail rings. Be prevented from it and in case you have it, treat it properly.


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