How To Dye Hair Red Naturally

Having a natural red hair can be unique as it is one of the rarest hair colors in human. Because of his reason, many women sought after the red color shade for their hair. For a woman who has a natural red hair, there are recommended hairstyles to wear as well as color shades.

People With Natural Red Hair

When we see people with natural red hair, we traditionally conclude that they are hot tempered, cause trouble, and treacherous. Even stage villains from the early medieval times are adorned with red wigs. People with natural red hair are believed to be descendants of the Spanish sailors of Armada, the Scots, and the Danes. Even Queen Elizabeth I of England had natural red hair. Thus, women in England during her era had worn red hair as a fashion statement. Today, people with natural red hair are concluded to be from Ireland and United Kingdom

Natural Red Hair Styling Options

Natural red hair immediately captures lots of attention. This is possibly one of the reasons why young women opt for such kind of hair color shade. There is a vast array of haircut ideas and styles for natural red hair. It can be worn in short or long length. It can look sassy and straight long. Curly and wavy style can go well with natural red hair as well as fringes and razor haircuts. One hairstyle that makes natural red hair look fabulous is the asymmetrical bob. This hairstyle is now making its wave in the world of fashion.

Red Hair Color StyleNatural Red Hair Styling

An individual with natural red hair can always come up with new styles and looks as long as it compliment well with the hair color. To color natural red hair, there are many hair color ideas to choose from. Shades like chocolate brown are best color for a natural red hair. An ash color can neutralize the red tone of the hair and end up onto an ash brown color shade for the hair. Going blond is also best for natural red hair by adding blond streaks.


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