What Hairstyle Is Best For Oblong Face Shape

People with oblong face shape would often wear hairstyles that add volume and width to the sides of their face. In this way, it makes their face look less oblong in shape. Before opting to wear an oblong face hairstyle, check first if you really have an oblong or oval face shape.

Generally, it is very confusing to determine an oblong face shape from an oval face shape. The only difference between the two is that oblong face is much longer than the oval face. So before choosing hairstyles that are appropriate for you, determine first if you have an oblong face or an oval face.

Oblong Face Hairstyling Options

Oblong Face Hairstyle

Avoid Long Hairstyles

Men and women who have oblong face shape are recommended to wear short and medium hairstyles. Long hairstyles are not recommended as these will make the head appear longer. However, long hairstyles can still be made with some adjustments and create an illusion that will make the oblong face less long. A layered hairstyle will also do for oblong face shape. Just make sure that the hairline is not exposed too much.

Short Hairstyles for Oblong Face

Short hairstyles are also great for oblong face however, it should be chosen carefully and make sure that it will add volume on the sides. Moreover, the hairstyle must not very short because this will not help in adding width on the sides of the face. A boyish hairstyle that is just above the ear is not best on oblong face as it will only make the face look longer. The shoulder-length bob or chin-length bob hairstyle would be best for oblong face shape.

Hairstyles with Bangs

Oblong Face Hairstyle

Hairstyles with bangs gliding through the eyebrows can surely add more style to oblong face shapes. It can help hide the oblong feature of the face instead making it more attractive.


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