How to do Oprah Winfrey Hairstyles

Oprah Winfrey is a famous media personality who had influenced the society much when it comes to hairstyles. Many women worldwide adopted Oprah Winfrey hairstyles not only because of admiration but also because of its classic, manageable, and elegant style.

Because of her tremendous influence, the hairstyles of Oprah Winfrey have become popular style options for black women. Her beauty and fashion tips as well have influenced trends and sparked revolutions for years. For more than two decades, her classic hairstyles together with her fashion had become a prominent feature every time she appears on the television.

Popular Oprah Winfrey Hairstyles Ideas

Throughout the years, the hairstyles of Oprah Winfrey had radically changed. However, her short shag hair style had remained to be popular. This hairstyle comes with multiple layers that frame the face when she first wears it in 1986 during her first national show. However, in the late 80s, the hairstyle was combined with volumized feature, which earned popularity during the time.

In the mid 90s, Oprah Winfrey was seen wearing medium and short length bobs with tapered layers on her face. But in the late part of the 90s, she transformed her hairstyle into sleek longer and straightened styles. In the recent years, Oprah Winfrey is wearing long and medium styles with flipped out ends. During holiday events or special occasion appearances, she gets hairstyles of updos and curls. She also wear occasional hairpieces or wigs if necessary in order to create a hairstyle that is just easy and less time to do.

Oprah Winfrey Hairstyles Picture Gallery

Oprah Winfrey HairstylesOprah Winfrey Hairstyles
Oprah Winfrey Hairstyles
Oprah Winfrey HairstylesOprah Winfrey Hairstyles


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