How To Do Pageboy Hairstyles

Pageboy hair styles are very sensational and cute. The hair styles emerged from English pageboys. The hair styles are characterized by straight hair that extends past the ear downwards. The hair styles are also defined by front straight bangs that lie just above the eyes. These hair styles are further described by hair that extends to the shoulder, the ends of these hair styles are usually rolled. The hair styles may vary in the formats in which they are designed but the mother design remains the same. Among the individuals who are prone to these hair styles are actresses and actors, actually they admired the fashionable look obtain by these hair styles.


The pageboy hair styles are traditionally cultural hair styles. Basing on their originality, the hair styles are one of a kind. These hair styles can be incorporated with bob hair styles to achieve a more cultural look. These hair styles fit with the various hair styles including: short hair styles, long hair styles, and medium hair styles. The difference between pageboy hair styles and bob hair styles is quite minimal, since the hair styles can be merged to form a classical look that is well defined with highlights and lowlights.

Bobs & Pageboy Hairstyles


Here are some of the best bob hair styles that can be incorporated with pageboy hair styles. Pageboy hair styles can be merged with: curly bob and pageboy, the resulting pageboy is usually characterized by curls that have volume and highly textured; line bob and pageboy, the resulting pageboy is edgy and flattering, the hair style actually does give more description to the jaw line; and the third one is layered bob and pageboy, the combination of pageboy and layered bob gives a thicker appearance. Pageboy hair styles occasionally need to be styled every now and then to eliminate the possibility of the hair styles appearing unkempt.

With the recent trends in hair styles sector, pageboy hair styles can be termed as advanced bob hair styles that have been modified further. Most of the pageboy hair styles in fashion are geometrically cut to obtain a brightening look. The most recent pageboy hair styles are defined by straight bangs that are blunt at the end. The bangs are located a few inches from the eyes, so they give the eyes the deepest description. With the layers falling on the sides they extend to the neck level. This way the eyes and all the other facial traits are extensively defined.

Other pageboy hair styles are the flipped pageboys. These hair styles are characterized by sprayed ends that are obtained by blow drying the hair outwards. The bangs associated with these hair styles are traditionally short and trendy. They can be blonde or black depending on the interests of the person. Blonde women do usually get the best shiny looks out of them. Light haired women are usually advised to use highlights, while the dark haired ladies are usually advised to use highlights. Pageboys can also be slightly layered or thinned out.


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