Which Hairstyle Suits Pear Face Shape

You can say that you have a pear shape face if your face is little bit wide on the cheekbones area, have a narrow forehead, round chin, and wide & dominant jaw. This facial shape is the opposite of the heart shape. If you have this kind of facial shape, go for hairstyles that widen your forehead and narrow your chin. The hairstyle should be full and wide on top. In addition, the best hair length should be at the chin.

Hairstyling Options for Pear Face Shape

Pear Face Shape Hairstyle

To make the forehead appear wider for a pear shape face, side-swept bangs can be added on the side part. Classic shag with layers and a wedge are good hairstyles as well for a pear face shape. If the chin is to be emphasized, avoid growing the hair beyond the shoulders.

As much as possible avoid wearing hairstyles that add fullness and width at the jaw. Adding fullness on the top of the head is the best technique in determining the best kind of hairstyle for pear face shape.

Wearing the right haircut or hairstyle for pear shape face can enhance one’s facial features in striking ways. Thus, the selection should be done carefully. In making the selection, exposure of the forehead should be the main objective as this will prevent attention of a full jaw line. Moreover, it makes the wearer look uniquely flattering. A stylish headband or clip to push the hair back or hold the bangs would be a great option. Tucking the ears behind the ears give a slim look and draw out the cheekbones. If possible, hair longer than the neckline and excessive curls should be avoided by pear shape faces.


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