How To Do Pedicure At Home For Men

Men these days do not shy away from getting beauty treatments and are as particular as women about their skin and body. Pedicure is one of the beauty regimen which is necessary for foot care. As for the method of doing pedicure for men, it is mostly similar to that of women. Here the main focus is the callus removal and deep skin hydration as well. Here is what exactly you need to do.

Things you will need for Pedicure for Men

Pedicure for Men
  • Large basin,
  • anti- bacterial soap,
  • Epsom salt,
  • measuring spoon,
  • scrub brush,
  • thick towel,
  • pumice stone,
  • lotion,
  • cuticle stick,
  • nail clippers andnail filer are the things needed for the pedicure for men.

Methods for the Pedicure for Men

  • Firstly fill the basic with warm and soapy water. In this, mix a tsp of Epsom salt and make sure that the water reaches your ankle when you soak your feet in it.
  • Now soap the feet for 10 minutes and use scrub brush to remove the dirt and oil after it. Now rinse the feet with water and then gently buff away the dead skin layer with pumice stone.
  • Apply lotion over the foot generously and massage it with the lotion. Now pat dry the feet and with cuticle stick, push back the cuticles and also with clippers, trim the nails.
  • If you wish to get slight curve shape, then use filer for it. Now in the end, massage some more with lotion and then wear socks for few hours after the pedicure.


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