How To Design Your Own Tattoo

Tattoos are truly historical and popular. From a historical viewpoint, tattoos have developed over the years while certain trends have evolved. People have been interested in getting or having tattoos. Most of them have their own reasons in getting or having one. The reasons can be because of personal or symbolic meanings. With the power of Internet technology today, people get to choose their desired tattoo designs even from the most ancient art forms to tribal cultures forms.

Tattoo Designs

Popular Tattoo Designs Ideas

Although there are many tattoo designs today, only few are considered to be popular. When we say popular, it means that many people are aiming to have it.

Star Tattoos

The star tattoos such as nautical stars and shooting stars are one of the popular tattoo designs. This tattoo design gained high number of searches in most search engines today. Angel tattoos and angel tattoo wings are also popular especially for females.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are gaining popularity today. Although these tattoos have been a practice even the ancient times, it continues to evolve over the years in different designs. Among the popular designs include the Haida, Polynesian, and Maori styles of tattoos.

Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos denote a time symbol of beauty. It is also popular among females. Just like tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos have gained substantial revival for the Celtic people’s history way back thousands of years ago.

Swallow Tattoos

Swallow tattoos served as protection symbols for sailors. It is also popular in the old school hip. Lower back tattoos are more of a symbol instead of a tattoo design. It even has an insulting name known as “tramp stamp” Despite this, the design had remained popular. Other popular tattoo designs that are very appealing to many people include the butterfly, kanji, and black & gray tattoos.


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