What Is Punk Hairstyle

Punk hairstyles are considered wacky, cute, fun, weird, rocker or whatever you choose to call a punk hairstyle. One thing for sure is that punk hairstyles have a mind of their own. If you want a punk hairstyle you have to follow certain rules.

You can’t just cut your hair into a Mohawk and consider that to be a punk cut. The main factors for creating a punk haircut is the color, cut and style. These three components make up the ultimate punk hairstyles.

Punk Haircuts Colors

Color is very important when choosing a punk hairstyle and it has to be vibrant and daring neon colors like blue, pink, orange, green and any other bright color on the rainbow. These colors can be used to highlight a specific area like the top of the head or just a few strands.

The Cut of Punk Hairstyles

The cut of a punk hairstyle is also important to determine whether it is a punk cut or not. The most common cuts of a punk hairstyle are asymmetrical cuts, where one part of hair is longer than the other part.

Another punk haircut is where all the hair is shaved on the sides and the back, and some hair is left at the top usually forming a Mohawk or some other kind of punk style. Sometimes the hair is shaved and designs are worn to express something of interest to the punk hairstyle wearer.

Punk Hairstyles for Women & Men

The style of the cut is also essential in a punk hairstyle. The most common punk hairstyle is probably the Mohawk, where the hair is shaved on the sides and in the back and lots of hair is left out on the top forming spikes, braids, or some other wacky standing formation of the hair created with the wonderful help of hair gel.

There are other styles besides the Mohawk that are considered to be a punk hair style, such as the Pop Punk which is usually worn by women with lots of long hair, where half of the hair either the top or the bottom is colored with cools neon colors.

Another punk haircut would be the Skate punk where the hair is cut in uneven lengths and spiked up with a numerous amount of hair gel. The spikes are highlighted with neon colors, to draw major attention to the spikes.

Punk hairstyles are daring, brave and very colorful. If you are considering a punk style, do a lot of research and see if the style you want really fits your personality.

Punk Hairstyles Picture Gallery

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