What Hairstyle suits Rectangular Face Shape

There are different hairstyles recommended for every facial shape. In determining hairstyle that suits you, you must identify first your facial shape. A rectangular face shape is easily identified if you have longer face and less width. The hairstyle to be chosen should complement as well with your rectangular face shape so you can look at your best.

How to Get Rectangular Face Shape Hairstyles

Rectangular Face Shape Hairstyle

Search for Rectangular Face Shape Hairstyles

To begin with your search of rectangular face shape hairstyles, look for photos of people who have rectangular face shapes and yet project appealing hairstyles. It is essential that you already have the idea of hairstyle in mind that suits you prior to making a salon appointment. Kirstie Alley and Gwyneth Paltrow are two famous celebrities with rectangular face shape. You can use them as your photo reference for your hairstyle.

Check Hairstyling Options for Rectangular Face Shape

The haircut recommended for a rectangular face shape should balance the face. In this way, the facial features will be framed and help project a slimmer effect on the face. Layers or bangs can also be considered. A hairstyle that uses hair on the side part instead on the center is best for rectangular face shape since it does not exaggerate the face length. A medium-length hairstyle is the best option as well. As much as possible, avoid wearing hair with short cuts or long style.

Styling the Best Suited Hairstyle

Whatever kind of hairstyle you wear for your rectangular shape, make sure that you can style it the way it will best suit you. Do not make the hairstyle complicated that you need a hairdresser to fix it for you. Learn to fix the hairstyle on your own and look the best that you can be for your rectangular face shape.


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