How to do Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna is a celebrity who knows how to mix up with her hairstyles as well as with her fashion. Every time you see Rihanna in any occasion, she ensures that people will see a different side of herself. She constantly makes revelations of herself through her ever-changing hairstyles.

Rihanna hairstyles are high-fashion, edgy, feminine, and glamorous. These are the reasons why more and more youngsters follow Rihanna’s trendsetting hairstyles.

Rihanna Hairstyle

Rihanna Popular Hairstyles Ideas

Sassy Short Style Haircut

One of the famous hairstyles sported by Rihanna is the sassy short style cut. This cut left the hair longer in the top sections and above the ears. From the shorter sides, the top lengths are removed so it does not blend. The longer length on top will only cover the shorter sides. The styling of this hairstyle is done by parting the hair near the crown and a boost of volume is given. The fringe section of the hair is swept across and straight forwards the forehead.

Funky and Jazzed Up Hairstyle

Rihanna is also seen wearing funky and jazzed up hairstyle that is added with few bright blue highlights. One bold white section is blended with his hairstyle. This hairstyle can be randomly and playfully styled with few swirls or loops, and plenty of movements. To secure the hairstyle, the base can be pinned with two or three looped sections. However, to maintain the casual feel and look of the hairstyle, the style should be non-uniform.

Sleeker Version of Sassy Short Hairstyle

Rihanna created a sleeker version of her sassy short style cut. This hairstyle is greatly influenced by the emo culture. Its cut is shorter in the crown and has lightly longer lengths of dark and rich color. To achieve the sleek texture of the hairstyle, the best tool to use is straightening iron. Pomade or wax products can also create definition and separation for the hairstyle.


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