How to do Salma Hayek Hairstyles

Salma Hayek is known for his thick raven black hair that shines like precious onyx and looks luxurious. She often wears her black hair with different variations of simple cuts and styling. Her black hair has textured ends with long layers or slightly varying lengths. This adds more volume to the hair as well as control on the hair mass.

Salma often sport huge curls on her black hair that are purely divine. She is always a Goddess in every occasion as she wears elaborated hairstyles of pinned updos or braided updos. Almost all kinds of hairstyles look good on Salma Hayek because she has a beautiful face with perfect harmony and balance on her sophisticated, form fitting, and feminine look.

Popular Hairstyles of Salma Hayek

Long Layered Haircut is often seen worn by Salma Hayek because her thick black hair has extra thick texture. This hairstyle is among the favorite ones of Salma Hayek since it is styled with straight and smooth shine. Since Salma’s hair is filled with natural volume, she does not need to use quality hair care products that will achieve volume for the hair.Partial Updo Hairstyle is also a favorite one by Salma Hayek. This hairstyle is achieved by pulling all the hair back in the crown area into a ponytail that is high. The crown area can be created with height by backcombing small portions of the hair gently and smoothing it over the top of the head with the use of fingers. Such type of hairstyle can achieved a glamorous look by clipping a long curly hair piece into a ponytail.


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