How to do Sarah Harding Hairstyles

The hairstyles of Sarah Harding have a very unique type of cut. The uniqueness use in every cut and layering can add dimension and create height to any style. Sarah Harding is famous for her short pixie hairstyles that are great looking.

Sarah Harding Popular Hairstyles

Medium Length Style

One prominent hairstyle of Sarah Harding is the medium length style wherein the ends are left choppy somewhat and there is layering done on the crown area and on the sides. This hairstyle is achieved by getting first a layered hair cut. The layers should be long in length and start past the level of the ear. Apply some styling cream throughout the hair and blow dry by using a huge round brush. Afterwards, direct all layers under and down. The hairstyle can be run with flat iron all over the layers in order to create an extra smooth finish.

Shorter Length Updo Hairstyle

Another prominent hairstyle of Sarah Harding is the shorter length hairstyle in an updo. This hairstyle requires plenty of height in the crown area. It is achieved by combing small sections of the hair gently and smoothen it over the top with fingers. The longs bangs can be used with flat iron and sweep it gently across the face from deep part side.

Short Blonde Cut of Sarah Harding
Sarah Harding Hairstyle
The short blonde cut of Sarah Harding is one hairstyle that gives her a great look. In this hairstyle, the bangs are straight and side swept as the eye is covered half-way. It can be used with different colors if you prefer.


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