How to do Semi Formal Hairstyles

Semi formal hairstyles can be used in almost all occasions. As long as you are required to dress accordingly, any type of semi formal hairstyle would surely fit in and make your appearance dazzle.

Semi Formal Hairstyles Ideas & Options

Short and medium length hair can wear interesting semi formal hairstyles such as half the hair up while the rest are kept down. The front of the hair is pulled up and kept hold in place either with a bobby pin or clip. This hairstyle is also best for curly hair. To soften the entire look of the hairstyle, you can always curl the hair with loose curls.

Braiding is also best for the hairstyle however the length may not permit it. If the hair is chin length, leave it straightened and loose. In case you do not have natural straight hair, add a decorative piece instead and part it on one side. A classy headband will also do or just a simple flower tucked behind the ear.

Braids are also great semi formal hairstyles. It never loses its charm in kind of occasion. A wide variety of French braid hairstyles can be chosen from and accessorized further depending on the occasion that you will be attending.

Celebrities with Semi Formal Hairstyles

Reese Witherspoon Formal HairstyleMandy Moore Semi Formal Style

Semi Formal Hairstyles For Long Length Hair

For long length hair, one great semi formal hairstyle to wear is to loosely curl the hair and leave it freely. This hairstyle can be held in place by using hair spray. It is not very demanding and can serve well any kinds of events. It can be tied up into a ponytail along with loose curls. The ponytail can be fixed or one-sided to create an interesting twist on the regular ponytail.


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