Setting Wet Hair in Rollers

Hair styling is quite a challenge to many people. Most people have their hair done by their hair stylist, so they have never thought of taking matters into their hands and have some of the hair styling techniques done by them. Among the various hairs styling techniques that you might have probably utilized whether at the salon or just within your home, is the setting wet hair in rollers. This technique is used to achieve curls that are usually presentable and sexy. The curls obtained via this process are characterized by high texture unlike other curls obtained by other criteria.

Setting wet hair in rollers was a hair styling methodology utilized in the 50s through the 60s to achieve sexy and beautiful curls. This technique has been modified and it is used in the recent time for the same purpose. In the current fashion trend curling iron and hot rollers are used in obtaining various curls. Hair specialists of the current world recommend the use of a wet set when coming up with various vintage hair styles, since this is one method that you are sure about the results. Setting wet hair in rollers is a trendy methodology, comprehending it is not that hard.

Before commencing to wet set, you need to know and appreciate the various rollers that can be convenient for your hair. The different rollers offer different texturing as well as hair volume. So, your choice has to be based on those two factors. The various rollers include: foam rollers, they are basically soft and are utilized on dry and delicate hair types; Velcro rollers, manufactured of Velcro and they are very efficient; magnetic rollers, they produce curls with high texture and volume, they are also efficient on wet hair; bender rollers, they are defined by long and bendable foams and they are the best for the production of numerous curls; and last but not least we have the plastic mesh rollers, they are convenient in wet hair as well as produce very soft curls.

Now let us navigate through the step by step instructions on how set wet hair in rollers. Firstly, have your hair wet, then comb it thoroughly so as you can smoothen them out. Secondly, make use of a convenient hair styling product such as hair spray or gels to help in holding your curls in their right position. Thirdly, part you hair into at least for divisions, the best way to go about it is to part the back, the front and the sideways. Fourthly, have the four parted sections pinned into positions.

Fifthly, sub-divide each of the section as you place the rollers into position; repeat the same process for all the other three sections. Sixthly, once you have placed all the necessary rollers, you will now have to spray you hair so as you can facilitate the formation of the curls. Seventhly, time your hair and when it is dry have the rollers removed gently. This process has to be carried out strategically so as you do not mess your hair up. Once all the rollers are removed, you can now decide on how to style the hair. Ideally, you can opt to brush it out for a sexy wavy look or you can opt to tighten the curls for a sexier look.


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