How to Cut Short Funky Hairstyles

Although highly popular, short funky hairstyles are not suitable for everybody. Such hairstyles are commonly seen on teens; however some adults wear the hairstyle as well to become more fashionable for today’s modern times.

Before deciding to wear short funky hairstyles, it is important to consider the condition of the hair, the body, and the face shape. It is important to choose the hairstyle that will make you look trendy and classy.

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Short Fashionable HairstyleShort Choppy Haircut

Trendy Short Funky Hairstyles

Short funky hairstyles are great on people who are seeking for a more different hairstyle. It can be achieved by using various coloring methods. The colors can be multiple and the cut can be edgy or modern in style.

Short funky hairstyles are inspired from emo hairstyle look that include one long layer on the bottom keeping the length, cut-short, and black hair with bright colors.

Messy shag is also a kind of short funky hairstyles that is layered throughout. It can create variety of looks because of its versatility. These hairstyles are great ways to liven up one’s look as long as it has the perfect cut and style.

Short Pixie HaircutLayered Shag Hairstyle
Pixie HaircutLayered Shag Hairstyle
The pixie haircut is one of the common types of short funky hairstyles. It is feminine by nature and can be styled in many ways by using styling products.Layered shags are also notable short funky hairstyles to try. The layers from this hairstyle vary in framing the face and length of the hair. The face will seemingly appear without reason or rhyme.


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