What Is A Nail Wrap

Silk wrap nails are the ones made up of silk fibers which are of the shape resembling finger nail. These are designed to enhance the natural finger nail’s look as well as to protect it.  These are preferred over acrylic or even gel nails as these can be removed easily and so thereby they do not cause much damage to the natural nail. For applying silk wrap nails, here is what you need to do.

Silk Wrap Nails

Things you’ll need for Silk Wrap Nails:

  • Fingernail polish remover,
  • cotton balls,
  • nail file,
  • fingernail clippers,
  • silk wrap nails,
  • nail glue,
  • plastic compressor sheet,
  • sealant and
  • nail polish.

Methods of Applying Silk Wrap Nails

  • To remove off the nail polish or any build up over the nail, apply nail polish remover with cotton balls and clean up the nail.
  • After this scrub the nails to rub off the residue over nails and hen clip the natural nails, even if they get uneven.
  • Now file them up a bit but you do not require doing proper filing. Keeping the nail long is good to apply silk wrap nail.
  • Now file the nail’s top surface and make sure you file with the small to medium grit, thereby not damaging natural nail. Now apply thin coat of glue over the natural nail and then apply silk wrap nail over it.
  • Apply it higher than the cuticle and press for about 10 seconds so that it can stick perfectly. So this was all about the silk wrap nails. Try them and then apply sealant.


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