Some Basics of Applying Eye Shadow

Applying eye shadow is one of the most difficult parts of applying eye makeup. Most of the people do not know which shade has to be applied on which part of the eye. So if you too have a problem with the application of eye shadow, then here are some quick tips.

how to applying eye shadow

The basic step to apply eye shadow is to apply eye shadow primer first. This helps the eye shadow to stay on the skin for a long period of time. After this, you must select the shade of eye shadow. Now, the colors which make the color your eyes pop should be preferred the most.

Today, shades like blue, greens and black are actually preferred by the makeup experts since they bring out the color of eyes perfectly. Contrasting the colors in accordance with jewelry piece could be another option. Do not ever apply dark shade of eye shadow over the brow bone unless you really want to don a dramatic look. Applying eye shadow over brow bone is a necessity though as it highlights the eyes. But things get tricky with the highlighter part. When you apply shadow on the eye’s crease, then make sure you blend it outwards and not towards brow bone. If you choose to wear three set shadow, then go for a shadow with great base.

Application of shadow

The key to get the eye makeup right is to start with light shade and then go darker. Brush the base color over the entire eyes. Then over the lids apply lid color and that is the medium shade. Finally, apply the highlight which is the darkest shade over the lower lids but do not be heavy headed. Finally, shimmer is applied however, this is optional. Prefer applying it when you wish to attend party.

Eyeliner and mascara

After applying eye shadow, complete applying eye makeup by application of eyeliner. For this, draw a neat line just above the lashes. Then, on the lashes, apply several coats of mascara. The shade of mascara should be black but you can experiment with blue mascara as well.

So this is how you can apply eye shadow and get the perfectly attractive eyes. You would need to practice several times before getting it right but after you would know how to do it, you would enjoy doing it every time you do makeup.


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