Stylish Hair Buns

Making hair buns is the best option if you are fed up of leaving your hair open. They look elegant, add neatness to the face and also go with any attire. You could attend any event by having stylish hair buns and still manage to grab eyeballs if your bun is nicely done. Great thing is that buns could be made in several ways because of which you could arrange your bun to give it a unique look. Here are some of the ideas to get stylish buns.

Stylish French Braid Hair Bun

By the name only, you can sense that this bun is very stylish yet sober. This hair do is difficult to do which is why not many know how to make it. You would require a helper when you decide to make this bun. To make French braid bun, you must part the hair to any side and then begin the French braid of the side of the head which has more hair. The braid has to begin at the scalp and then swoon inside till the bin begins. If you manage to make it, then you could wear it in any event.

Styling Messy Hair Bun

This bun gives a woman an ultra chic look which also means that it could be carried out with casuals. Basically, if you are just hanging out on a causal day, then you can have messy bun as your hair style. To do it, part the hair neatly so that the bun could have disheveled look. Keep the height of the bun according to your preferences and then add a head band as accessory to enhance the beauty of this hairdo.

How to Create Curled Bun

This is one of the most appreciated stylish hair buns. It can be made in case you are attending a fancy event. To do it, you must part the hair and choose where you would like to place the bin. Now brush the front section so that it becomes flat and then leave just few strands of hair. Now make a pony from rest of the strands and then curl the sections of hair to make a bun. Secure the ends with the help of bobby pin. Once you are done with the bun, burn the left out strands as well.

So this was all about the stylish hair buns. Make sure you practice doing them at home several times before you go to an event.


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