How To Make A Tousled Hairstyle

What Is Tousled Hairstyle

Tousled hairstyles are promoted as a fresh new look. It had been a very popular hairstyle for women over the decades especially for celebrity actresses. Apparently today, this hairstyle had been reinvented to give a more sensual look to the wearer. This hairstyle is often seen in different significant functions and events.

Tousled hairstyles are not only stylish and sexy but it is also hot. As long as the hairstyles are properly executed, the wearer will definitely look beautiful and stunning in natural ways and effortlessly.

Popular Tousled Hairstyles

Tousled Hairstyles

Tousled Wavy Haircut

A wavy hair look is a kind of tousled hairstyle that is great for strong jawbone. It works well with a woman who has a natural wavy hair. With just a little mouse and blow drying, this hairstyle can create a different look to the wearer.

Venice Look for Girls

Another great tousled hairstyle that is popular among young girls today is the Venice look. This can be achieved by cutting the hair with shoulder length and adding on some few layers to frame the face.

Long Tousled Wavy Hairstyle

The long tousled wavy hairstyle is best for women with long locks. The waves in this style can be made more defined by using big barreled curling iron. Meanwhile, the tousled pixie hairstyle is best for petite women with brusque features.

Tousled hairstyles are absolutely gorgeous. It is the best solution hairstyle for women with naturally wavy hair.

How to Get Tousled Hair

Wash and Condition Your Hair

Wash your hair with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type to maximize shine. If your hair is dry, treat it with a deep conditioner to enhance this style. After conditioning and rinsing the hair, towel-dry to remove excess water. Gently squeeze out the water instead of rubbing vigorously to prevent breakage.

Prep Your Hair with a Styling Product

Leave-in conditioners are ideal for styling this type of look. They condition hair as you style, giving it a natural finish. Apply 2 to 3 spritzes of styling mist for natural hold and a glossy finish to your hair. This leave-in conditioner provides definition without weighing the hair down and speeds up drying time, making styling quicker and easier.

Rough Dry Hair with Head Upside Down for Tousled Hair

Now that your hair is washed and prepped, it’s ready to style. Turn your head upside down to create lift and semi-dry your hair with a hairdryer on a cool setting. Use your fingers to lift and manipulate the hair as you dry it, creating a natural, textured finish.

Finish Blow-Drying Hair Before It’s Fully Dry for the Perfect Tousled Hair

When your hair is semi-dry, flip your head back and finish blow-drying, still using your fingers to push hair into place. Finish blow-drying your hair before it’s completely dry and allow it to air dry naturally. Overdrying the hair can cause flyaways, so it’s important to leave it slightly damp for the best tousled look.

So there you have it—tousled hair. This look takes a maximum of 5 minutes to style, making it a hair and time-saver. It gives you back much-needed time in the mornings while giving your hair a break from excessive heat. It’s a win-win!

How Do You Get The Messy Wavy Hair Look?

To achieve the messy, wavy look, there are a couple of different methods, but one of the most popular is using a curling iron. Opt for a larger barrel, at least 1 inch wide, as tighter curls may appear too deliberate for the effortless look we’re aiming for. Alternating the direction of the curls around your head will create a more natural, less uniform appearance.

After curling your hair, run your fingers through the locks to loosen the curls into waves. If you find the volume lacking at the top of your head, gently press the side of the curling iron under the hair and push the roots up, being careful not to burn your scalp. Set the style in place with a flexible hold hairspray and add texture with a beachy grit spray.

How Can I Get Tousled Hair Without A Curling Iron?

If you’re not a fan of hot tools or simply don’t own a curling iron, don’t worry! You can still achieve tousled beach waves without applying heat to your hair. While the waves may have a slightly different appearance, they still create the desired effortless look. In fact, this method might be the easiest way to achieve waves, though it does require extra time and works best with medium to long hair.

Start with damp, straight hair and divide it down the back of your head along your preferred part. Then, braid the hair in your desired style (French braids are recommended if you’re familiar with them). Allow the hair to fully dry before undoing the braids and brushing them out.

If you sleep with the braids in overnight, consider wearing a silk scarf to reduce frizz caused by friction with your pillows. Alternatively, you can apply a smoothing hair oil in the morning to tame any extra frizz. Once finished, you’ll have shaggy waves that will make others wonder whether you spent hours getting ready or simply woke up looking fabulous.

How to Use Dry Shampoo to Texturize & Tousle

Dry shampoo is a versatile product that can elevate your waves to the next level! Whether you’re looking to freshen up a 3-day old style or add extra volume to your hair, dry shampoo is a key product for achieving the beach wave hairstyle.

Method 1:

If your waves are feeling a bit flat, Batiste Texturizing Dry Shampoo can add some grit to your hair, helping to maintain your hairstyle. After brushing through your waves, spray texturizing dry shampoo onto your hair for a texture boost! It may not be from a salty breeze, but you’ll definitely achieve that beach-swept look.

Method 2:

Another classic method is to refresh your style using dry shampoo. It’s Day 3 or 4, and you’re trying to make it through one more day before your next shower. Your scalp may not feel as clean as you’d like, but there’s no need to reach for a hat – simply grab your favorite dry shampoo to freshen up your hair. Divide your hair into sections: start with the sides, then move to the front, and finish with the crown. For added volume, backcomb the crown of your head and smooth over the top with a boar brush. Now, instead of being weighed down by waves, your tousled hair will be full of body.

If you have dark hair and want to avoid any white residue, opt for a dark hair dry shampoo that will blend in seamlessly with your hair color when you’re on the go.

Tips for Achieving a Carefree Tousled Style:

Tip 1: Tame Hair with Floss

If you notice your hair looking a little too frizzy while out and about, tackle unwanted flyaways with this floss hack! Take a piece of floss a couple of inches long and run it along the outside of your hair. The waxy coating tames hairs and keeps them in place. It’s a quick hack that takes less than 60 seconds to save your look!

Tip 2: The Texturized Haircut

If you have shorter hair, ask your stylist to texture your hair with shears! Texturized hair can create extra visual interest while also providing additional volume and movement. When short hair is layered and texturized beforehand, achieving the tousled look becomes a much less daunting task since it removes most of the styling effort. Using a dry shampoo or pomade will add some structure to your locks to finish off the look.

Tip 3: Add Shine Spray

If you’ve noticed your hair looking duller than usual, it could be from excess heat use or weather conditions drying it out. For an instant gleam and glow, reach for a shine spray that can take your locks from matte to silky with just a few sprays, providing a finishing touch to any hairstyle you rock!


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