What Is The Best Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape

A triangular face shape is similar to a heart-shaped face wherein the forehead area is wider than the narrow area of the lower jaw and chin. This kind of facial shape has prevailing jaw lines that wearer would want to lessen the exposure. In choosing an appropriate hairstyle for your triangular face shape, you must be aware on the complications that go with it that include length, color, texture, and style.

Hairstyling Options for Triangular Face Shape

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyle

There are many different effective hairstyles for triangular face shapes that give justice to the overall appearance of the wearer. Hairstyles that widen the forehead area are generally more productive for the wearer since it helps lessen the visibility of the prevailing jaw lines. The objective of these hairstyles is to distract people from focusing on the chin area. Layered hairstyles are more appropriate for triangular face shape than straight cuts with wisp bangs. It brings out the upper face area and lessens the dominancy of the strong jaw lines.

Apparently, most people who have triangular face shapes prefer to wear long hair because it compliments their facial shape. The right short hairstyle makes the triangular face shape look proportional and balanced. Its heavy top layers make the hair fuller and rounder. With no bangs, the face shape look longer and more attention is brought to the forehead than the jaw line.

For a right medium hairstyle, the sides should be away from the jaw line and fall softly so it can cover the appropriate portions. It is best with side swept bangs creating a diagonal direction to the eyes. The right long hairstyle for a triangular shape should be long soft wavy. The soft waves and layering of the hairstyle create a natural soft appearance to the facial shape.


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