How to do Twist Hairstyles

Twist hairstyles are popularized by African-American culture or more known as Afro. It is a long lasting hairstyle with low maintenance. From these hairstyles, hair can be twisted by using synthetic or natural extensions.

There are lots of ways that women can do to style their hair accordingly to their personalities and preferences. The hairstyles can be added with highlights and colors or styled in short or long length.

Twist hairstyles are opted by many women as well because it is compatible in all types of hair textures. In using synthetic hair extensions, create a braid at the based. The extensions can be secured by using rubber bands.

Twist Hairstyles – Brides Updo Haircut Picture

Twist Updo HairstyleTwist Prom Hairstyle

Twist hairstyles give a funky look to teens. It also adds sophistication and grace to young women. Because of its elegant look, the hairstyles are often preferred in most formal occasions. Many brides even wear the twist hairstyle on updos because it gives a very graceful look and attractively complements the bridal gown of the bride as well.

French Twist Updo Haircut

A French twist updo is a perfect choice of twist hairstyles for those who wanted to wear their hair up. It is commonly seen in most special occasions such as weddings, graduations, proms, and other fancy events. It also gives sophisticated and classic look to the wearer.


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