Types of Perm Looks – All About Perms

Perms hairstyles are generally fan, functional, formal and flirty, and they are of different types, thus giving you a variety to choose from,and they include: body wave perms, multi-textured perms, pin curl perms, root perms, stack perms, spot perms, weave perms, spiral perms, volume perms, partial spiral perms and gentle wavy perms. Perm hairstyles are different since they do not use the same rods to wrap the hair. The main thing to put in mind is that not all hairs qualify for these types of hairstyle, those that do not qualify are the dry hairs, highlighted or colored hair and short-layered hair.

Perm Looks Hairstyles

Body perm mainly looks good on people with square shaped faces with either naturally wavy hair or straight hair; it adds volume to your hair, it mainly involves large rods and loose perms which are stylized using a slight wave thus giving your hair more movement. Root perm hairstyles are recommended for heart shaped faces with flat and short hair, this type of hairstyle adds volume and a lift to the roots of the hair. Stack perms suit best women with one-length haircuts that is single hair length; it is obtained via the use of rollers that are of different sizes which add volume and also gives curl to your hair.

Oval-shaped faces look best with spiral perms. This is so since spiral perms are known to offer the best and most adorable thick appearance. These hair styles are admired in that the process of obtaining them is not as hard as people might be thinking. The basic requirements are: perming rods (based on the required length) and the right chemicals. Spiral perms are effective if they are done the right way. By the right way we mean that you have to make use of the correct curling chemicals as well as the correct length of perming rod.

Are you Really Fitted for Perming

Before you opt to settle for perms as your new hair styles, you need to find out if you are really suited for these haircuts. Well, it is so simple. First, you must not have carried hair styling techniques such as highlighting and lowlighting on your hair. This is because your hair will be containing traces of chemicals that can be potentially harmful to your hair when trying to achieve the perms. The next issue has to do with wavy hair. If you have wavy hair, you need to ensure that it does not contain any traces of water after washing or else you might not only damage your hair during perming but also destroy its texture as well as its volume.

There are some scenarios when you will be caught within yourself not knowing whether or not you really are fitted for perming. With such scenarios, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of your hair stylist. He or she will be in the correct position to comment if you are the right person for perm hair styles or not. There are some hair types that may present difficulties when perming, such as Asian hair types. Well, for these hair types you will definitely need the assistance of your hair stylist.


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