What is Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is great especially if you want to retain the freshness of your face from humidity, sweat, and heat. There are many international brands available in the market that offer waterproof makeup such as blushers, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, foundation, and more. These make ups will give you the natural look throughout the day without any fading and smudges. Waterproof can be worn in your normal routines; however it still should be removed before sleeping at night.

Waterproof Makeup

Just like ordinary makeup, waterproof makeup should be well-applied in able to last the entire day without getting affected by external factors such as water, perspiration, and weather. This kind of makeup is designed not to come off, smear, or run even when wet. The most common users of waterproof makeup are the female athletes because the makeup is not easily ruined by their perspiration. Actresses are also common users of waterproof makeup as this does not wear off as they cry in tears in every scene. Women who travel a lot also find waterproof makeup beneficial since it does not consume their time for travelling.

Waterproof Cosmetics Makeup

Waterproof cosmetics contain silicon-based oil that keeps the skin soft and smooth. The same content is also used in the formulation of products that adhere to the hair and skin.

Although waterproof makeup can be very convenient to wear and makes you look clean and fresh, it accompanies some health concerns as well. The fact that it cannot be removed by water, its removal requires a special solution. This special solution can be quite harsh for the skin and can remove the skin’s sebum. The sebum serves as the barrier of the skin against irritants, pollutants, and chemicals.


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