What Color Suit Wedding

Who does not want to have a wedding that is liked and remembered by the couple itself and all the friends’ and relatives? After all it happens just once in your life and remains forever. So we all wish to have a wedding, which ignite your senses even after years of your marriage when you look at your wedding pictures and wedding video CD.

But how can you add style and glamour to your wedding? Well, in every wedding every general thing is common. For eg: every wedding venue would have a food corner, chairs, tables, flowers, carpets, ribbons, curtains etc but with some simple things one can create magic in his wedding. And that simple thing is; choosing the right wedding colors.

Wedding colors indicate the theme, the mood and the nature of your wedding. For eg; if you choose soft colors like pink, peach etc, they create a romantic atmosphere. On the other hand vibrant and bright colors have a dramatic effect. So, you must choose your wedding colors with a lot of patience. Things like season of the year, time of the day, venue (indoor and outdoor), your wedding dress etc shall be kept in mind while finalizing the color for your wedding.

The wedding planner is the right person to sort help from. If your wedding is in spring season then you can order for soft colors like lilac, baby pink, sea green etc. The planner would himself arrange for the same and contrast color curtains, carpet, chair and tablecloth and flowers.

Choosing your Wedding Colors

For winter wedding: opt for colors like deep red, sea blue, purple, very dark pink, coffee, silver grey etc.

For summer time wedding: peach color, yellow and blue shades are the best to choose from.

For autumn time wedding: you can go for burgundy color, dark green, copper and red color.

It is suggested that you go for satin and silk curtains in summer time to give your wedding a more royal look and in summers you can go for net instead of silk. Use of artificial flowers also creates a dramatic effect in the ambience. Designer candles in contrasting wedding color can add more to the beauty of the venue. You can always choose any of the colors mentioned above or you can also make your mind run and think of unique color patterns but whatever you may do, just make sure that your wedding dress also matches the theme color of your wedding.


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