How to Choose Wedding Favors

A wedding favor is basically a small gift that is given to all the guests in a wedding party or reception as a symbol of appreciation and thankfulness. The bride and the groom do the wedding favors together to all the attendants of their marriage. Earlier the wedding favors were limited to giving away sweets in an elegant and royal designer box to the guests but modern world has changed it all. Now days, the choice is just not limited to sweets and there are thousands of options available to choose from.

One can find wedding favors in all type of ranges. Some items are expensive and some are quite cheap but this does not mean that there is any compromise with the quality. Manufacturers now days focus entirely on quality even if the price is kept low for a thing.

Wedding Favors Ideas

So if your wedding is just some days away and you have still not decided about the wedding favors then you can just read on to get some fruitful ideas:

  • One very royal wedding favor is wine and champagne glasses with your name, wedding date and day prescribed on it in italics. This is one of the hot shot wedding favor now days and goes well with al theme weddings too. You can also get the name of the host who so ever it is prescribed on it.
  • Gel candles in glass shaped like a martini glass is another option to go for. The candle comes in an amazing packing of black and silver box with black satin ribbon. The bright lightening candle also looks great on the guest’s table.
  • Another reception favor is a CD of the couples favorite love songs plied together. Photo frame in crystal and silver with a snap of the couple also makes a great gift.
  • Pack of designer chocolates designed exclusively for your wedding is again a heart filling option. Chocolates shape can be of your own choice and you can order the packing in the color that matches the ambience and theme of your wedding.

Apart from all these one can go for card-holders, designer bottle openers, champagne holders, valets, small show pieces, bookmarks, designer pens, ceramic small kitchen items etc. So plan your wedding and make it a blast by choosing any one of the wedding favors and make your wedding an event to remember  for all.


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