How to Make Wedding Invitation

Your wedding is the best time in your life and everything related to it has to be perfect. The most important of all the things is the wedding invitation. It is considered to be the most vital thing related to your wedding as it informs the guests about the date, venue and time of the reception party. And above all the wedding invitation card actually gives an idea about your style and the type of party that you would be throwing.

There are hundred of invitation cards that one can choose from for his or her wedding and you can even get your card personalized. Getting your card personalized means that you choose your own color, font and style of writing, ink, printing format, design and accessories that you want to be attached to your card.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Choosing your Wedding Card
While choosing a card for your wedding, you can also add to it a small gift like a chocolate box, cookies gift hamper or any other small gift piece in crystal etc. This makes you leave a great impression on your guests and also it reflects a royal side of you. When it comes to finalizing the text that would be inserted in your card, you can either go for a matter that is already prepared by the wedding invitation card shop owner or you can create your own matter. It is advised that you must proof read your verse at least twice before sending it for final printing. If somehow you still feel that there are some alternations that you require, you can always tell the printing people about it.

Unique Wedding Invitation
To make your card look unique, beautiful and royal it is advised that you go for translucent wrappings and satin ribbons. It would be a wonderful experience when your guests would open up the knot of the satin ribbon and read the matter inside. Go for lined envelopes to enhance the card’s beauty. The outer cover is for your guests address and inner one contains the name of your guest’s name. Get your address printed on the backside of the card so that it returns to you incase of a failure delivery.

Important things to follow:

  • Always get at least 15-20 extra cards printed.
  • Send the invite about three to five weeks before your marriage.
  • Mention complete address on the card.
  • Use a contrasting color pen to jot down the address and name of the guest on the card.


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