What Songs Do You Need For A Wedding – How To Choose Wedding Music

Your wedding is one day of your life that you want to remember all through out your life. At the same time you want to make it special too and that is why you plan and arrange everything in a perfect manner so that your guests and you two have the best time. One very vital thing about every wedding party and reception is wedding music. Wedding music plays a very important role in making your reception a big success.

There are many types of wedding music that one can opt for and this particularly depends on the theme of your wedding. Some people have religious type of wedding; some go for a romantic one, some plan their wedding in a contemporary manner while some go for a typical traditional wedding.

Wedding Music – Wedding Songs Ideas

So the choice of music also needs to be specific based on the style and the theme. It is always a good option to have the opinion of both the bride and the groom while selecting the songs and the music. Generally, Canon In D music by famous Johann Pachelbel is the first choice when it comes to wedding music. You must decide on which parts of the ceremony do you want the music to be played. It is to be noted that excess of music is surely a big mistake.

Wedding music should be played on certain moments. For e.g. prelude, the bride’s entrance, music at the time of lighting up the unity candle and at postlude. One can either appoint an individual vocalist for the same or you can also play the music on your own. If you are choosing to play the wedding music on your own then make sure that you select, compile and listen to your C.D. well in advance.

Now days there is trend of arranging live music shows at the wedding but this option is suitable for contemporary theme weddings. You can also arrange for a mother and son dance song and a father and daughter song. Then there can be slow classical music that is played for everyone to dance around in the reception. For a contemporary wedding a saxophone player or a pianist is one great option. This will make the guest as well as the couple sway in the feelings of love.

So choose the wedding music with ease and make your wedding a day to cherish and a pleasing time for your guests.


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