How To Plan A Wedding Reception

A party that is thrown after the wedding of a couple is known as wedding reception. Generally the groom’s family arranges the reception and the purpose of arranging this event is to make the newly married couple meet the guests as a married couple for the first time.

The reception party can be either a small one or a huge one depending upon one’s preference. Usually it is best to throw a reception in the evening time as it sets the mood of every guest and every couple on fire and you enjoy more that you can enjoy in a day party. However, to have a reception in the daytime is not a bad idea too.

Wedding Reception Planning Ideas

Wedding reception is like a very pleasant get together with the entire family members and friends together under one roof. The host receives every guest personally and formally and after that the crowd indulges in talks with each other.

Every one greets the newly married couple and gives away the gift. The host can also present the guests with reception honors but it is not necessary to do so if they have already made wedding honors to them.

Main things that people you must arrange for at a wedding reception:

  • A wedding cake in a special shape and design.
  • Soft classical and pop music so that every one can tap their feet.
  • Different cocktails for the guests if it is not prohibited in your family.

Every wedding reception is incomplete without toasts. The father of the bride, the maid of honor and the groom generally makes the toasts. The cake is cut by the couple and is then distributed among the guests. The couple then dances with hands in hands together and others join them too. The food that is served is made especially after taking in consideration after everything like; the theme of the party, the guests taste, the couples preference and the time of the party.

It is advised that you order the cake from the best baker around your area as a bad cake can spoil the fun. Above all a good baker has a variety of designs and flavors of cake to offer to you. If somehow you are not interested in any designs in the booklet, you can always get it personalized.

So make your wedding reception a grand one for your guests as well for yourself with all the things mentioned above.


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