Wild Hairstyles for Prom Night

Some girls like having traditional look at the prom while other craves for the wild hairstyles for their prom night. It gives you an edgy look and you could get a unique appearance because of it on one of the most memorable days of your life.

Wild Prom Hairstyle

Wild Hairstyles for Prom Night Inspirations

Instead of trying out the regular styles like French twist, etc, you must try out the new wild hairstyle for prom night. Before getting a wild hair style, do something wild with the hair and what could be better than adding highlights to the hair. Choose temporary hair color that matches with your dress and the one that compliments your skin tone. Then apply it over the hair to get a wild look.

Types of Wild Hairstyles for Prom Night


You may raise your eyebrows after reading this but truth is that spikes can give an excellent look at the prom night if it is worn in right manner by the right girl. You could team them with a pink taffeta gown along with leather gloves and also spiked platform. Some of the most famous faces like Victoria beckham have proved that spikes could look well on a girl. So, for short hair this is definitely one of the most amazing options for prom hair style.

High Ponytail

Do not think that high ponytail could not give a wild look. They can be highly futuristic and wild. In case you are wearing a sheath dress then you can go for this hairdo. All you have to do is to set the hair with the help of hot rollers and then tie them in to a ponytail. Apply loads of glitter to get a wild look and spray some hairspray to set the hair style.


Make use of flat iron which could help you have one of the most perfect hairstyles for prom night. All you have to do is to take small sections of hair and then flip it down to get straight hair. Mist with shine spray. Now adding wildness to it is easy. Just add some colorful extensions and get a classy bohemian look.


Trying out braid is also a great option to get a wild look on your prom night. In case you have long hair then try out creating braid halo which could wrap across the forehead. This look is very sweet and wild at the same time.


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